About Us

Blue Moon Premium Olive Oil & Vinegar is an extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar tasting room located in Collingswood; a place to taste and try everything before you buy!

In 2012, our family opened Blue Moon in Collingswood with the goal of reintroducing quality extra virgin olive oil into our homes as part of a tastier and healthier diet. More than ten years later, we are so happy to see how many people have embraced using high-quality products to create magic in their kitchens, and feel privileged to be able to continue bringing you the best stuff around!

Through our supplier, we have partnerships with top farmers in both hemispheres, ensuring that we have the absolute freshest, highest quality extra virgin olive oil available throughout the entire year. We regularly feature extra virgin olive oils from California, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Tunisia, Chile, Peru, Australia, and South Africa (amongst others). Our extra virgin olive oils are held to the absolute highest chemical and organoleptic standards in the industry, and hold the UP (ultra-premium) certification. All of our Balsamic Vinegar, both dark and white, is designated as Four Leaf, and originates in Modena Italy. We carry more than two dozen varieties of vinegar for you to taste, and often have seasonal varieties, as well.

Come into our shop, and behold more than 50 stainless steel tanks that contain our extra virgin olive oils (fused, infused, and unflavored) and aged balsamic vinegar (unflavored, and infused aged dark and white), all with taps that allow for easy tasting and bottling! Our bottles are all filled from the same tank from which you’ve sampled your product, so you know exactly what is in the bottle.

While our primary offerings are extra virgin olive oil aged balsamic, we do stock spices (two signature spices and seasonal offerings), local honeys, and imported products from Italy, which we think are all exceptional enough to share with you.

We also create unique favors, corporate gifts, and private-labeled bottles, perfect for special events like weddings, client appreciation, showers, birthdays, retirement parties, office parties…any celebration! We’ll work closely with you to design an attractive set that best suits your needs, including custom labels (with your choice of text and color), gift bags, ribbons, or bows, with countless other options to explore! The perfect gift to demonstrate your appreciation and thanks to your guests, clients, or loved ones in a way that THEY will truly love!

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